Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. – 3 John 2

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[Healing resulted] Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I just got off the phone with my brother and he’s older than me and he was telling me he was so traumatized by that event he suppressed it all these years and through me talking about it he was able to talk it out with his wife! (That event is mentioned in Jackie Chamakoon’s video, Evangelism Made Simple)

– J.C. from CO

What a God we serve! Thank you, Jesus for leading us, guiding us, and showing us each step of the way! Wonderful interview Diane and Thank you Jackie for sharing with us your powerful testimony! I’m on the waiting list to join you and your team to evangelize Colorado Springs and the prisons! I am chomping at the bit. I can’t wait! (From Jackie Chamakoon’s –  Evangelism Made Simple)

– T.B. from CO

Jackie is a powerhouse for the Lord right here in El Paso and Freemont counties, and beyond! Praise the Name of Jesus! (From Jackie Chamakoon’s –  Evangelism Made Simple)

– D.M. from CO

Pastor Jackie, I thank God for your love and compassion for those that don’t know Jesus. (From Jackie Chamakoon’s –  Evangelism Made Simple)

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to post things there! I’m slowly stepping out into ministry and am a bit nervous 😂, so I really appreciate a safe place where I can share things with people who understand faith and think the same way! Thank you so much for that! 💝 (The Ministry Co-op Facebook Page)

– R.S.

It was an honor to be on your show… I love what you and John are doing. It gives ministries a chance to shine and inspire others to step out for the Glory of God…. You give regular people a platform to share how powerful God is. Thank you. Blessings.

– J.C. from CO

I just watched this and will watch again! So good. Thank you for doing what you do. (From Michael Mohr’s -Divorce and Remarriage)

– S.W. from OK

I just wanted to thank you for the reminder to always give thanks, be grateful, and to focus on all the wonderful things The LORD has done instead of on things that haven’t yet been accomplished. Those are things we all need to remember and that I particularly needed to hear at this time! May God richly bless you and your ministry.

– J.P.

A quick note to say CONGRATULATIONS on building your ministry. I love how you give people a voice to share their experiences and wins as they share their testimonies to encourage the body of Christ. You’re an amazing host!

– D.A. from CO

Diane, Truly Psalm 90:16 is a picture of you: the beauty of the Lord is upon you, and He has established the works of your hands upon you! What a wonderful ministry of encouragement you have!!

– P.W. from IL

Very nice. Thanks, Diane! I’m grateful for you, too! I pray the Lord will continue to open doors to you. May your path shine brighter and brighter as He has promised in Jesus’ name. Amen! I was encouraged by the testimony of your anonymous partner who shared about her learning disability and the hope that was birthed in her and for the child with autism.

– Z.I. from CO

Thank you, dear Diane, for sharing this good news of encouragement. You’re so faithful and excellent in all that you do for the Kingdom, and the reward is great for all your braveness and sacrifice.

– L.D.M. from CO

I want to share how much I enjoyed the episodes with Lesley and Dave McClure, along with Rick McFarland. Talk about humble and powerful testimonies… I continue to pray and lift God’s plan for you, John, and ALL your wonderful guests up before our Heavenly Father. You both are such blessings to the Kingdom of God!

– D.A. from CO

Thank you, Diane, for all of your hard work in bringing the Good News of Jesus to others. I know that it brings you great joy!

– M.P. from AZ

Thanks, Diane Grubis, for your Ministry and for this Scripture verse. (Psalm 118:28).

– P.H. from NC

 I looked at your YouTube channel and YOU are full of love, energy, and the Word as well! So great :). We appreciate an opportunity to be on your program, thank you for asking.

– L.M. from CO

All I can say is wow Diane! Boy, how the Lord knows how to capture someone’s attention as soon as I read the title of this podcast, “Learning Disability Healed”, God got my attention. I started to listen to Malachi Green. And since he was from Brooklyn, New York, now God really got my attention as I continued to listen to Malachi’s testimony. I felt as if he was telling my story; for I too, was left behind in grade school as hard as I tried. The results were always the same, poor grades, and I believe that marked me for my entire life. My learning challenges were followed by shame, discouragement, and fear.

As I listened to his video, I realized that even at my age of 65, God still had more for me. What hope filled my heart!!! I thought if God could “re-wire” Malachi’s brain, then the Lord can do it for me too. Why not me? YES, I believe God can.

But the story doesn’t end here. I shared Malachi’s testimony with a friend of mine, and as we were talking, the spirit of the Lord filled the atmosphere of our conversation during our FaceTime. It’s true. God is everywhere. Then the Lord spoke a prophetic word through me to my friend. He said, “What you see as broken around you I (God) can fix. Only know this, My timing is not your timing and your timing is not My timing. Remember my Word. Anyone who puts their trust in the Lord will not be disappointed or shamed.”

Then we prayed. The thing that is broken around my friend is her child. Her child is suffering with autism. God has used Malachi’s testimony to fill two of his children with a fresh hope and a fresh expectation. We don’t know how, and we don’t know when, but we believe He will do it again for us.

Thank you, Diane, for allowing these testimonies to be heard. And thank you, Malachi, for the courage to share your testimony. It has filled my heart with great excitement. May God continue to bless you, keep you and His face to always shine upon you. Amen. (From Malachi Green’s – Learning Disability Healed)

– D.V. from NC

I just listened to your YouTube where you interviewed Thomas from several ago. That was very insightful and encouraging. I love your ministry! (From Thomas Okulovich’s – Healed of Cancer)

– S.S. from WA

Hallelujah! Very uplifting as I can relate myself as I am going through my own healing journey presently. In the eyes of men my case is hopeless but with our Abba Father, nothing is impossible. Thank you for your testimony. (From Thomas Okulovich’s – Healed of Cancer)

– Anonymous

Thank you for this wonderful interview…It has helped on so many levels. (From Thomas Okulovich’s – Healed of Cancer)

– Anonymous

Diane…we were so excited to bless you this way. To the glory of God and a thankful heart that you and John answered the call of God…A platform for God’s people to give testimony of how awesome our God is. He sent His only Son to die for us. Hallelujah to God be all Glory!!!!!

– D.V. from NC

So beautiful, I hope to see this happen in my family and in others. I believe Father God can do the impossible!!!! Amen. (From Malachi Green’s – Learning Disability Healed)

– A.C.

Our wonderful Lord shows Himself strong in those who trust in Him & this story shows His strength, love & patience with His children. Great story of God’s faithfulness. (From Malachi Green’s – Learning Disability Healed)

– P.H. from TN

What a fantastic newsletter and so well written with amazing testimonies and content! Keep up the great work and praying 2024 will be a year of new open doors of opportunity and of course increased finances and partners. Love you guys and thank you again for sharing your wonderful newsletter! Thank you.

– B.N. from SC

Wow! Just got to watch the episode…I noticed two things so far. Number one, you have such an amazing way with words – simple and clear – yet so descriptive pulling things together! Number two, love the Holy Spirit’s timing and how I’m being encouraged by my own words. Lol. (From Jed Parrott’s – Awesome Childlike Faith)

– J.P. from CO

My two biggest takeaways from Lisa are: The Lord wants to have fun with His kids. He wants to heal our hearts and share with us all that He has for us. It (what you’re doing) doesn’t need to be perfect; it needs to be what God has for the day. I love this!!! (From Lisa Cree’s – Value of Divine Connections)

– H.W. from WA

What an awesome opportunity to share the goodness of God through my testimony! Thank you, Diane and Epic Conversations, for what you do! Lives are being changed for the better.

– J.P. from CO

I’ve listened to a couple of your YouTube videos. What a blessing you are! I pray increase and blessing over you, your husband, and your ministry! May the Lord draw people to himself through your life! ♥️

– S.S. from WA

Your conversations focusing on the changed lives of people who have been impacted by Jesus and the gospel, are very inspiring and encouraging! You’re a blessing, Diane!

– B.W. from CO

Thank you so much Diane. I think your show is the platform that raises a hallelujah to God through His incredible works in our lives. Thank you!

– L.A. from CO

I really appreciate your kindness and faithfulness in offering this awesome opportunity to share my testimony and glorify our amazing God! You are making a difference in people’s lives and the best is yet to come! Love and Blessings.

– J.P. from CO

Diane, I just want to tell you that I think your newsletters are great. Wonderful content well laid out and speaking to what you’re doing! I admire what you do, your courage and your faithful commitment is very inspiring to me. I love you more than you know, and I’m thankful to God for bringing you into my life.

– H.W. from CO

Diane, I was pleased and grateful as I opened my emails to find your monthly newsletter. What a joy it is to read about all the beautiful things God is doing in and through your ministry. Your letter is inviting and engaging. I love hearing about the activities that are available to us here in Colorado. Our God is moving and accomplishing great things in and through His people. I’m sharing your newsletter with friends, family, and those who desire to be involved in the move of God.

– D.A. from CO

I enjoyed reading your September Ministry Newsletter. It is interesting and encouraging to learn about the workshops you attended.

– M.S. from AZ

This is such a fabulous interview! This is a man whose brain (and heart) I want to pick. He has a real understanding of purpose!!!! I’ll have to watch this one again. (From Gary MacPhee’s – How Do You Fit into God’s Plan to Reach the World?)

– H.W. from CO

Just watched your Epic Conversations with Stephanie on Abandonment and Loss of her sister. It was so good! I really enjoyed it! (From Stephanie Curry’s – From Abandonment to Loving Adoption!)

– C.M. from MA

Just a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed watching Epic Conversations with you and your guests. Such wisdom God shares through your guests and encouragement. Thank you for what you and John bring to the Kingdom of God through your obedience. Be encouraged; greater things are coming your way.

– D.A. from CO

I love everything about this testimony. Great episode, Diane! (From John Essy’s – Discover the Miraculous Power of God!)

– H.W. from CO

This guy is a great storyteller. He takes after his big brother, Jesus! Hallelujah! (From John Essy’s – You Can Hear the Voice of God!)

– H.W. from CO

I’m so grateful the Lord brought us together for such a time a this! Your ministry is such a strength and encouragement. Blessings are coming that will overflow you both personally and within your ministry. Thank you!

– D.A. from CO

– H.W. from CO

Hey Diane! Oh, what a beautiful miracle. Love your channel! Sending so much love! This was SO good! Thank you, Diane and John (Essy)!!! (From John Essy’s – You Can Hear the Voice of the Lord!)

– S.W. from OK

Diane & John, thank you so much for inviting us into your home and ministry! You both are such a blessing, and I’m so thankful to be a part of what you are doing! May God bless you richly for your faithfulness!

– B & R P from CO

I want you to know how wonderful those videos and passages are that you share. You reach and help more people than you realize, Diane. You are a true blessing…Please keep it up. You’re helping so many people find their faith again and most of all you’re helping them find the right path. God bless you!

– R.T. from MA

I’m excited to view these epic conversations! I find there’s something so engaging about each and every guest.

– D.A. from CO

Good afternoon, Diane, today I’ve taken a couple hours to listen to a few of your guests on Epic Conversations. I’ve enjoyed the wisdom and insight you and your guests have so lovingly shared. I feel so privileged to know you and experience how our heavenly father is pouring you out for His delight.

– D.A. from CO

Oh Helen, I thoroughly loved listening to your story and hearing about the precious gifting God has given you!  (From Helen William’s – An Encouraging Word for Everyone!). God has ministered to me through your writing. Back in 2010, you sent me a card with your poem, The Dirty Little Girl in the Mirror”. On the front of the card is a painting by artist Sarah Boardman titled “Recognition,” depicting a young girl standing in front of a mirror. I have treasured it all these years and every so often I open the card and read your poem as a reminder of who I am and Who’s I am. God bless you my friend!

– L.B.

What a blessing! I’m glad to see both of you precious sisters! Wonderful! Inspirational! Thank you! (From Helen William’s – An Encouraging Word for Everyone!

– R.P. from CO

Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed watching the episode of Epic Conversations with Robbie. (Robbie Gammon – Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for Today?) When he was talking about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it was with authority and love and confidence in the Word of God to produce fruit for His kingdom. It was like his only purpose was to speak the Word, knowing God will confirm it with signs and wonders. And when he followed through with the invitation to receive; he sounded like a young Andrew Wommack. He was refreshing to hear.

– J.P. from TX

Diane, my husband enjoyed watching your shows on marriage with me! He said “well now I know why you like her! She’s good!” He watched the one over Catholics and Christianity too. His daughter has/had a Catholic boyfriend, and he just got saved at Victory Life a few weeks ago! The show gave much insight!

– K.B. from TX

I’ve been truly blessed and even somewhat entertained in regards to something that I’ve been watching on YouTube. At work I bring my cell phone with me and have it playing quietly in the background while I work in the office at night. I’ve come across a YouTube series called Epic Conversations w/ Diane Grubis. Great talks and I just simply find the show very inspiring, extremely funny in nature and a real pleasure to watch. I’m very fascinated about some of your stories and Diane’s input and questions, great show!

– C.A.

Your comments about being thankful vs complaining really struck a chord with me.  I, too, have found myself at various times aware that I’d gotten into a pattern of complaining…I’m thankful for you sharing your testimony as an encouragement to me and others to constantly think on those things that cause us to give thanks.  I thank my God for you, Diane!

– M.B. from NC

Thank you for not condemning me for taking reflux pills. I have scar tissue throughout my GI track. I believe I’m healed!!! I love my Charis classes! (From Tracey Asia’s – Walk by Faith and Not by Sight!)

– J.R.

What an awesome testimony! Praise God! Thanks for sharing! (From Isabel Minott’s – Beaten for Her Faith in Jesus)

– D.A.

We just wanted to say Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom. It was such an honor to have been on your program…I used two of the clips from your show as well as a sermon I preached in Divide for my interviews for pastoring. My wife said they would be great to use, and they were. 

It is awesome to see Epic Conversations and your ministry grow so much. We have been blessed by it and I know others have as well. God has big things in store for you this year!!!! Be expecting and we will continue to catch your program out here in Oklahoma.

– E.F. from OK

Sweet Kristine! I am so glad you allowed God to heal you. I am going to miss you at Charis. I am excited to hear what your new journey brings. (From Kristine Hendrick’s – From Ashes of Grief to Beauty with Joy!)

– K.K. from CO

Wow, what a beautiful testimony of the love of the Father. We’ve heard parts of this but I’m realizing how much we’re all going to miss you, Kristine! You have been such a wonderful blessing to so many people, you’ll never know! I love you sweet girl! (From Kristine Hendrick’s – From Ashes of Grief to Beauty with Joy!)

– J.S. from CO

Kristine, it’s been a long time I often wondered how you were. I heard about the passing of your husband, Dave. Condolences. But you found love once again. So happy for you. I have now been updated after viewing this video. What a tremendous testimony. Praise God and your strength in not going the opposite direction which would have been easy to do. I pray many blessings on your future journey. God bless. (From Kristine Hendrick’s – From Ashes of Grief to Beauty with Joy!)

– D.G.

God is so good to His people. He loves us through everything in a gentle loving say!! Thanks for your heart to share His amazing grace. (From Kristine Hendrick’s – From Ashes of Grief to Beauty with Joy!)

– P.H from TN

Hi Kristine, I watched the video and made me so sad to hear not just about Dave’s illness but the hurt he felt most of his life. We were there for over half of it, through lots of things…and know he was happiest once he met you. I am happy that you found happiness and joy again in your life. (From Kristine Hendrick’s – From Ashes of Grief to Beauty with Joy!)

– S.L.R.

God is so faithful & a wonderful family to stand in healing truth together! (From Ethan Gary’s – Healing Journey of Blessings, Trials, and Miracles!)

– P.H. from TN

So helpful and practical. Great interview and insight. Thank you. (From David Riffel’s – Did You Know You Can Say No to the Enemy?)

– B.L.

– M.T.

Thank you, Diane. Just what I needed to hear. (From David McClure’s – The Power of Encouragement!)

– B.L.

Yes powerful testimony leading us to our own healing journey where we don’t have to do a twelve-step program by really believe in what our Lord Jesus Christ has done at the cross…FOR US, FOR ME…THANK YOU LORD AND THANK YOU MIKE and DIANE…Blessings. (From Mike Hoesch’s – Healed of Cancer Once for All)

– S.D.

A really clear explanation of going from faith to hope…Thank you. (From Mike Hoesch’s – Healed of Cancer Once for All)

– G.R.

Thank you for having Bro Mike on your show. He is by far the best teacher I have encountered. Please have him on often. (From Mike Hoesch’s – Why Don’t People Receive Healing?)

– M.J.

Praise God for this program! Thank you for having Bro Mike on your program. He is such a good teacher of the word. (From Mike Hoesch’s – Prevent a Tiny Symptom from Becoming a Mountain!)

– M.W.

It’s such a blessing my brother to see flying the banner of love that father should be giving to our children which most of us miss out on. Continue to share the words of love, my brother. Bless you. (From Herbert Johnson’s – How Do You Connect with the Father’s Love?)

– B.C.

A simple hug, a loving God, how beautiful to share with others. (From Herbert Johnson’s – How Do You Connect with the Father’s Love?)

– P.H. from TN

I love Mike’s teaching. It’s always so clear the way he explains things. He’s not trying to impress anyone. He just says it like it is. Truth! (From Mike Hoesch’s – Why Don’t People Receive Healing?)

– M.J.

What an amazing man of God going forward with God and bringing the pulpit wherever he goes! (From Nana Kusi Agyepong’s – The Good News Pulpit is Everywhere!!)

– P.H. from TN

The true Pulpit is indeed everywhere. Jesus is glorified. (From Nana Kusi Agyepong’s – The Good News Pulpit is Everywhere!!)

– R.A.

Thank you for your testimony, Colleen, and the interview, Diane. Blessings, Listening from Bella Italia! (From Colleen Iammarino’s – Powerful Healing Journey-Now Pain Free!)

– E.R. from CO

God has been so good to us and your ministry has played a part in changing how we think about finances. So we’re the ones who have been blessed by you! (From Diane’s – Financial Freedom Class)

– J.G. from CO

I have been so blessed by your videos! With them being short, I am able to listen in, glean the nuggets and apply them to my life. I was watching the one with Chris Cree and I was so impacted by what you all were saying about how to receive your harvest, that I bought his book and it is changing how I think about belief and faith. My husband and I are reading it together and it’s transforming what we believe. Thank you so much for your ministry, Diane!” (From Chris Cree’s – How to Receive Your Financial Harvest)

– J.G. from CO

By far the most powerful and clear book concerning Biblical truth on finances ever! (From Chris Cree’s – What is Your Financial Source?)

– G.R.

Hello Diane, I cannot express how thankful I am. This is my first time reading your work, because I most of the time was viewing your videos filming a missionary I support. I first read about this lightning bolt type of prayer and then I knew something good was there. I had done more “work” than letting the Holy Ghost to guide me, and I realized that my prayer in the Holy Ghost sometimes was inaccurate and did not bring the results promised in the bible. It is while reading your experience helped me to realize that I use my voice to cover the beautiful language I was given. I believe I had heard it once or twice, but when I spoke in prayer language a lot, it sounded totally different. And today my language has been restored.” (From Diane’s Blog Post – How I learned to Pray)

– Anonymous

Always wonderful how God works for His people & hearing about His faithfulness!! (From Chris Cree’s – Provision – Called to Scotland!)

– P.H. from TN

Frankie, great word and encouragement to trust in the faithfulness of God. He’s getting a lot of glory through your focus on Him! Deb and I are so jazzed for you and your family!!! (From Francisco Gallegos’s – Behind the Scenes of a Successful Business!)

– A.M.

– P.H. from TN

Totally clear and concise explanation…Mike really clarifies it so well. God bless you both…and thanks for explaining that you felt condemned, Diane. That really unveiled a lot of lies I had believed. (From Mike Hoesch’s -Why Don’t People Receive Healing?)

– G.R.

I love these videos, Diane. Such an encouragement to me. (From Colleen Iammarino’s – What do Thoughts Have to Do with Healing?)

– S.A.

A really clear explanation of from going from faith to hope…thank you. (From Mike Hoesch’s Healed of Cancer Once and For All)

– G.R.

This is a really good episode. I heard once that this is one of THE most difficult attitudes to process through to job and peace. Thank you for putting a spotlight on this dangerous heart issue. (From Diane Grubis’s The Toxic Root of Bitterness)

– LA.S. from CO

Loved it again. Thank you. This episode brought me peace. (From Diane Grubis’s The Green-Eyed Monster Uncovered)

– A.B.

Thank you so much Diane. This was a great teaching. When you said, “wealth does not come from the outside it comes from the inside,” Holy Spirit awakened a word God gave me about a plan He has for my life. I’m going to your website now. (From Diane Grubis’s Do the Things You Own, End-up Owning You?)

– A.B.

Definitely true! Thankfulness opens the door to more blessing 🙂 (From Diane Grubis’s How to Activate the Wealth That is Within You)

Thank you so much for sharing…really needed to hear this. Just subscribed and shared it with others. (From David Mcclure’s Leadership: Love and Wisdom)

– A listener from Plymouth U.K.

One of your best and most helpful interviews ever! (From Bryan Nutman’s Receive Your God-Given Inheritance)

– G.R.

Dear Diane, Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a personal yet very public epic conversation with you today! I pray that many, many people will be blessed, encouraged, and motivated through your unique ministry…the enclosed coin (Armor of God) reminded me of you. It may not resemble you sitting quietly at a small table but epic conversations, and their far-reaching effects, come from your preparedness and your perseverance in your mission – which is really a co-mission with Christ…I pray blessings on both you and John as you’ve poured out blessings on others.

– J.B. from CO

Diane…I love your interviews!! Thank you for “Epic Conversations”, for all you do, and for your heart!! Many blessings.

– D.S. from FL

I love the wisdom, experience and encouragement! (From Peggy’s What Does It Mean to be a Missionary)

– J.R.M. from TX

Thanks Diane. Not sure her whole story, but I was moved by the heron and standing. (From Sue’s Just Stand – A Supernatural Journey of Faith)

– L.C.

So amazing to see God at work & thanks for the prayer. (From Peggy’s What Does It Mean to be a Missionary)

– P.H. from TN

Terrific! Diane, you are awesome! What wonderful conversations you have with such wonderful guests!!! I listened to several videos yesterday and really gained good tips for my job of praying with people. Thank you for sharing with me. Love you. 

– C.J. from CO

Wow! Amazing testimony of God’s divine provision. (From David’s Supernatural Financial Increase God’s Way)

– Z.I. from CO

It is beautiful to hear the simple and practical avenue Dave takes in leading people to the Lord! (From David’s Learn the Power of Asking Questions)

– C.J. from CO

These conversations with Dave are SO VERY PRACTICAL & HELPFUL. (From David’s Did You Know You Can Say No to the Enemy?)

– C.J. from CO

– A.S. from CO

This really blessed me. Thank you [Peggy] for being candid.

– L.Z. from CO

– S.B. from CO

 I love what you’re doing Diane, you’re great at this!

– J.S. from CO

Great video!!!! So uplifting and inspiring!!!! Yes speak the word over everything!!!! (From Christina’s Secret for Baking)

– L.S. from CO

You are an amazing vessel for God. Your interviews are incredible and inspiring and definitely Holy Spirit led. Keep it up for the Kingdom of God! So thankful you shared this with me.

– G.L. from CO

Love Christina Peterson’s hilarious reason to wear a “mask” the one time she did. More importantly, she offered some solid perspective on COVID19 and America. thank you, ladies. You are both a blessing!

– J.B. from MN

What a blessing this was! That is such a practical lesson for us
who want to be used by the Holy Spirit. (From Marcus’s How to have Purity in the Prophetic)

– C.J. from CO

I thank the Lord for this teaching. He makes it very simple. (From Marcus’s How to Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit)

– C.J. from CO

Congrats on the new role! I’ve enjoyed watching some of your interviews! Keep up the great work,

– C.H.N. from AZ

I loved his testimony! Our God knows how to impact young
lives. (From Marcus’s Testimony from Youth Camp to Ministry)

– C.J. from CO

I like the practical things he has to say about studying God’s Word. (From Delron’s Daily Blessings can Come Alive for You)

– C.J. from CO

I have listened to several of your “epic conversations” Thank you for being obedient to what God is showing you…I love you sweet lady!… I think they are short sweet and to the point! Thought provoking!

– L.C.S. from CO

– L.D. from CA

Mario, you and your wife are such great encouragers for what simple obedience to God can produce. I really like the statement you made about being in the “same bubble” of peace in the Holy Spirit there in Mexico as you were in the United
States. (From Mario’s Here I Am – Send Me)

– L.M. from CO

This is great Diane. We love Mario and Sharon!! (From Mario’s Experience more of God’s Grace

– R.G. from CO

Praise God! This is a joy to watch on the other side of the camera! You’re a blessing, Diane; and your good work and all your efforts are part of your excellent reward being built. I know you are doing this for God’s glory and to help the body of Christ to grow…your motives are humble and full of love and obedience. You surely make your Father smile!

– L.M. from CO

Great job, Ken! I look forward to hearing more. (From Ken Davis Why is the Declaration of Independence Important)

– M.M. from CO

Wow! What an amazing testimony. This conversation with Niau is such a powerful example of the beautiful adventure we can have when we follow the Lord’s voice. The sweet relationship she has with the King of Kings should be an example to all of us to model our lives after. (From Niau – It’s Never Too Late to do God’s Will)

– B.L. from CO

I am going to write in English! 💛💛 So nice that you confirmed the contact. It’s so great that you work for Andrew Wommack and create such wonderful and blessed videos! The clear gospel which Andrew Wommack preaches delights me and my family! It is a paradigm shift. At the moment, I’m studying Violin in Frankfurt (Germany) and I’m so anxious how God leads my life and I have the mercy to learn from my shepherd…Wow! What for a great testimony! Greetings to Lesley, I’m so blessed! 💛💛 Thank you so much for such a great epic conversation!

– M.N. from Germany

I just watched Epic Conversations with your guest, John Grubis. It was excellent – sincere, honest, straight forward, and spiritual. I thought that I would let you know that I did really ENJOY it.

– M.P. from TX

– K.S. from NC

Really liked his illustration about the puzzle pieces. (From Marcus’s How to
have Purity in the Prophetic)

– L.D. from CA

…The topic [by Lesley] was well presented and deeply affecting. Diane has a nice platform for this type of intimate filming… My takeaways are, “God became bigger than my dream.” And when your mother died, seeing “the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Pure gold for life in Christ!…

– S.B. from CO

Ken Davis is very easy to understand. I am so glad you are having these conversations about our country and our wonderful history of our BLESSED nation. (From Ken Davis Role of the Judicial Branch of the Government)

– C.J. from CO

I saw that you had posted a video on LinkedIn… I look forward to watching more videos and learning as much as I can!

– D.A. from CO

Thank you Diane for following God’s calling for you which enables me to share the calling and gifting that God has placed in me! (From David McClure Leadership-How to Disciple Your Team)

– D.M. from CO

Yes! Praise the Lord. Speak it, Think it, Believe it, Own it. Through Christ all things are possible. God loves you and so do I! … You know a long time ago my Mom taught me the principle message revealed in Matthew 17:20. Looks like she is still spreading the word and gaining a deeper understanding and level of Trust along the way. (From Sharon Venzor’s God Works When We Rest)

– M.B.

Hello Diane, I cannot express how thankful I am. This is my first time reading your work, because I most of the time was viewing your videos filming a missionary I support. I first read about this lightning bolt type of prayer and then I knew something good was there. I had done more “work” than letting the Holy Ghost to guide me, and I realized that my prayer in the Holy Ghost sometimes was inaccurate and did not bring the results promised in the bible. It is while reading your experience helped me to realize that I use my voice to cover the beautiful language I was given. I believe I had heard it once or twice, but when I spoke in prayer language a lot, it sounded totally different. And today my language has been restored.” – (From Diane’s Blog Post – How I learned to Pray)

– Anonymous

Always wonderful how God works for His people & hearing about His faithfulness!! (From Chris Cree’s – Provision – Called to Scotland!)

– P.H. from TN