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Epic Conversations Guest Connection

We wanted to provide our Epic Conversations guest’s information who have some sort of online presence – this includes a social media profile, a website, or any other online channel. This allows our visitors and partners to follow, support, and learn more about the guests that have had an impact on them.

Below you will find all of our guests that have provided this information.

Note: If you have been a guest on Epic Conversations and would like to have your information added to this list, please contact us.

diane and christina on set of epic conversations

Delron & Peggy Shirley

Drew Williams

Brittany Randazzo

Malachi & Courtney Green

Charlie Salic

Butch & Debra Alford

Becky Harling

Gary MacPhee

Bryce & Rachael Pico

Joe & Stephanie DeMott

Mohamad & Susan Faridi

John Essy

Alfred & Viorica Bain

Mike & Jeanne Preskenis

Greg & Tracey Asia

Kurt & Isabel Minott

Kristine (Cress) Hendrick

Michael & Bobbie Baker

Nana Kusi Agyepong

Tracey Bartlett

Mark & Lesley Rowe

Francisco Gallegeos

Jennifer Gallegeos

Elizabeth (Asia Ministry)

Chatoyre Guider

Christina Peterson